50 Commits (129a24300dfae4ffcf93654c811a6bc6e6c4591f)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Noah 129a24300d SDL2: Reveal the ShowCursor function 11 months ago
Noah c0c2d05619 Add RWMutex safety around the SDL2 texture cache 12 months ago
Noah df69b8e525 Functions to free up (SDL2) texture memory 12 months ago
Noah c1b8bc910b SDL2 engine: expose renderer for custom use cases 1 year ago
Noah 1f4af682e1 SDL2 GameController Support 1 year ago
Noah 9e640ab5c3 SetWindowIcon for SDL2 and Text.Update() 1 year ago
Noah 16fbb28ace Bugfix in Rect.Intersects() 1 year ago
Noah ebcb54ad47 Fix README for github URL 1 year ago
Noah 09a6c1db52 Add support for SDL2 MultiGestureEvents 1 year ago
Noah a9231fc038 SDL2 engine: DrawLine: Use actual SDL call instead of IterLine 2 years ago
Noah d77f5056b7 Texturer to hold raw Go image.Image 2 years ago
Noah b4a1979a8b Bugfix on space character 2 years ago
Noah 6e916169d6 Spacebar event 2 years ago
Noah e5f4c3a168 Maximize SDL2 window 3 years ago
Noah 0642b65e87 Text.IsZero to check more values 3 years ago
Noah e495ec6439 Add DarkGrey to the default color names 3 years ago
Noah bb84347294 Add Point Comparator Function and Tests 3 years ago
Noah 87fabf6a8d Make it a Go module + minor tweaks 3 years ago
Noah 4d008b5c46 Clear WindowResized event boolean at the start of each Poll 3 years ago
Noah e758c46d70 Change public API to use int instead of int32 everywhere 3 years ago
Noah 930bb3ac72 Add GoDoc link to README 3 years ago
Noah 124718d5a0 Fix WebAssembly demo font loading 3 years ago
Noah ad9d14bdab Add WebAssembly Hello World Example 3 years ago
Noah 6803170675 Clean up repository for stand-alone release 3 years ago
Noah 5c803f6a88 render: Refactor Events System to Make Module Standalone 3 years ago
Noah 857e5ec098 Better Ellipse Drawing Algorithm 4 years ago
Noah 524ebebedb Lemon-shaped Ellipse Tool (WIP) 4 years ago
Noah 53977f709f Eraser Tool, Brush Sizes 4 years ago
Noah 5f37193512 Doodad CLI Tool Features; Write Lock and Hidden 4 years ago
Noah 7f4640b727 Add Switches, Fire/Water Collision and Play Menu 4 years ago
Noah 243514f848 Centralized Tick Counter, Fix Actor Dragging Bug 4 years ago
Noah fb29d6a11c Editor Mode: Line Tool and Rectangle Tool 4 years ago
Noah 8126888b5b Drawing Strokes and Undo/Redo Functionality 4 years ago
Noah e682bb27c0 Demo Running Level as Title Screen Wallpaper 4 years ago
Noah 981b2b98e0 Refactor Render Texture-Cache Interface 4 years ago
Noah 4ad32c6edf SDL2: Cache Bitmaps in Memory, Not on Disk 4 years ago
Noah 5893daba58 WASM Texture Caching 4 years ago
Noah 27b908e40a Texture Caching for WASM Canvas Engine 4 years ago
Noah 03b4441eaa WASM Event Queue 4 years ago
Noah ecffcc223d Initial WebAssembly Build Target 4 years ago
Noah 5e9443bcff Add MenuScene with New Level UI 4 years ago
Noah 7b264dffba Minor Tweaks 4 years ago
Noah d10f7d190c Return False: Solid Collision Between Actors 4 years ago
Noah 58fae48a2a WIP: MsgPack stubs, Level Filesystem Module 4 years ago
Noah 6c5542673a Remove ScreenshotKey Event, Add F* Key Handlers 4 years ago
Noah 95ef079724 Remove pkg/log from lib/render package 4 years ago
Noah 8dfae5b8d8 Play Mode: Fix Level Collision w/ Scrolling 4 years ago
Noah 2ae77a8c82 Port over code from old collision dev PR 4 years ago
Noah 31e01987e5 Clean up extra log modules 4 years ago
Noah cddc41465f Code Layout Refactor 4 years ago