A rendering engine library for Go supporting both SDL2 and WebAssembly (HTML Canvas) targets.
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Noah Petherbridge 53977f709f Eraser Tool, Brush Sizes 3 years ago
canvas Refactor Render Texture-Cache Interface 3 years ago
sdl Drawing Strokes and Undo/Redo Functionality 3 years ago
color.go Add Switches, Fire/Water Collision and Play Menu 3 years ago
functions.go Doodad CLI Tool Features; Write Lock and Hidden 3 years ago
interface.go Eraser Tool, Brush Sizes 3 years ago
point.go Play Mode: Fix Level Collision w/ Scrolling 3 years ago
point_test.go Code Layout Refactor 3 years ago
rect_test.go Return False: Solid Collision Between Actors 3 years ago