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Doodad CLI Tool Features; Write Lock and Hidden

* The `doodad` CLI tool got a lot of new commands:
  * `doodad show` to verbosely print details about Levels and Doodads.
  * `edit-level` and `edit-doodad` to update details about Levels and
    Doodads, such as their Title, Author, page type and size, etc.
* Doodads gain a `Hidden bool` that hides them from the palette in
  Editor Mode. The player character (Blue Azulian) is Hidden.
* Add some boolProps to the balance/ package and made a dynamic system
  to easily configure these with the in-game dev console.
  * Command: `boolProp list` returns available balance.boolProps
  * `boolProp <name>` returns the current value.
  * `boolProp <name> <true or false>` sets the value.
* The new boolProps are:
  * showAllDoodads: enable Hidden doodads on the palette UI (NOTE:
    reload the editor to take effect)
  * writeLockOverride: edit files that are write locked anyway
  * prettyJSON: pretty-format the JSON files saved by the game.
Noah Petherbridge 1 year ago
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@@ -1,5 +1,36 @@
package render

import (

var regexpResolution = regexp.MustCompile(`^(\d+)x(\d+)$`)

// ParseResolution turns a resolution string like "1024x768" and returns the
// width and height values.
func ParseResolution(resi string) (int, int, error) {
m := regexpResolution.FindStringSubmatch(resi)
if m == nil {
return 0, 0, fmt.Errorf("invalid resolution format, should be %s",

width, err := strconv.Atoi(m[1])
if err != nil {
return 0, 0, err

height, err := strconv.Atoi(m[2])
if err != nil {
return 0, 0, err

return width, height, nil

// TrimBox helps with Engine.Copy() to trim a destination box so that it
// won't overflow with the parent container.
func TrimBox(src, dst *Rect, p Point, S Rect, thickness int32) {