Editor Mode: Line Tool and Rectangle Tool

* Add support for the LineTool and RectTool while in the EditorMode to
  easily draw straight lines and rectangle outlines.
* Key bindings were added to toggle tools in lieu of a proper UI to
  select the tool from a toolbar.
  * "F" for Pencil (Freehand) Tool (since "P" is for "Playtest")
  * "L" for Line Tool
  * "R" for Rectangle Tool
Noah 4 years ago
parent 8126888b5b
commit fb29d6a11c
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@ -235,3 +235,44 @@ func IterLine(x1, y1, x2, y2 int32) chan Point {
func IterLine2(p1 Point, p2 Point) chan Point {
return IterLine(p1.X, p1.Y, p2.X, p2.Y)
// IterRect loops through all the points forming a rectangle between the
// top-left point and the bottom-right point.
func IterRect(p1, p2 Point) chan Point {
generator := make(chan Point)
go func() {
var (
TopLeft = p1
BottomRight = p2
TopRight = Point{
X: BottomRight.X,
Y: TopLeft.Y,
BottomLeft = Point{
X: TopLeft.X,
Y: BottomRight.Y,
// Trace all four edges and yield it.
var edges = []struct {
A Point
B Point
{TopLeft, TopRight},
{TopLeft, BottomLeft},
{BottomLeft, BottomRight},
{TopRight, BottomRight},
for _, edge := range edges {
for pt := range IterLine2(edge.A, edge.B) {
generator <- pt
return generator