9 Commits (129a24300dfae4ffcf93654c811a6bc6e6c4591f)

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Noah 09a6c1db52 Add support for SDL2 MultiGestureEvents 1 year ago
Noah e5f4c3a168 Maximize SDL2 window 3 years ago
Noah 87fabf6a8d Make it a Go module + minor tweaks 3 years ago
Noah 5c803f6a88 render: Refactor Events System to Make Module Standalone 3 years ago
Noah 7f4640b727 Add Switches, Fire/Water Collision and Play Menu 4 years ago
Noah ecffcc223d Initial WebAssembly Build Target 4 years ago
Noah 58fae48a2a WIP: MsgPack stubs, Level Filesystem Module 4 years ago
Noah 2ae77a8c82 Port over code from old collision dev PR 4 years ago
Noah cddc41465f Code Layout Refactor 4 years ago