A rendering engine library for Go supporting both SDL2 and WebAssembly (HTML Canvas) targets.

Updated 2 months ago

Python 0 0

A Python content management system designed for kirsle.net featuring a blog, comments and photo albums.

Updated 4 years ago

Just a wiki and issue tracker for odd notes.

Updated 11 months ago

My old shell scripts that have been retired from my dotfiles.

Updated 3 years ago

Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of https://github.com/sm64pc/sm64pc

Updated 2 years ago

JavaScript 0 0

Raspberry Pi alarm clock server.

Updated 3 years ago

Go 0 0

User interface toolkit for Go with support for SDL2 and HTML Canvas render targets.

Updated 2 months ago

Test using vue-cli configured to hold multiple distinct websites with their own public folder and entry points.

Updated 2 years ago

A config file manager for Go that uses a defaults and overrides file.

Updated 1 year ago