Initial WebAssembly Build Target

* Initial WebAssembly build target for Doodle in the wasm/ folder.
* Add a new render.Engine implementation, lib/render/canvas that uses
  the HTML 5 Canvas API instead of SDL2 for the WebAssembly target.
  * Ported the basic DrawLine(), DrawBox() etc. functions from SDL2 to
    Canvas context2d API.
  * Fonts are handled with CSS embedded fonts named after the font
    filename and defined in wasm/index.html
* `make wasm` builds the WASM program, and `make wasm-serve` runs a dev
  Go server that hosts the WASM file for development. The server also
  watches the dev tree for *.go files and rebuilds the WASM binary
  automatically on change.
* This build "basically" runs the game. UI and fonts all work and mouse
  movements and clicks are detected. No wallpaper support yet or texture
  caching (which will crash the game as soon as you click and draw a
  pixel in your map!)
Noah 3 years ago
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// +build !js
package ui
import (