Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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OpenGL adaptation of n64decomp/sm64.

Feel free to report bugs and contribute, but remember, there must be no upload of any copyrighted asset. Run ./ --clean && make clean or make distclean to remove ROM-originated content.


  • Native rendering. You can now play SM64 without the need of an emulator.
  • Variable aspect ratio and resolution. The game can now correctly render at basically any window size.
  • Native xinput controller support. On Linux, DualShock 4 has been confirmed to work plug-and-play.
  • True analog camera control is now available on our testing branch.


On Linux

1. Copy baserom(s) for asset extraction

For each version (jp/us/eu) that you want to build an executable for, put an existing ROM at ./baserom.<version>.z64 for asset extraction.

2. Install build dependencies

The build system has the following package requirements:

  • python3 >= 3.6
  • libsdl2-dev
  • audiofile
  • libglew-dev
  • git

Debian / Ubuntu - targeting 32 bits

sudo apt install build-essential git python3 libaudiofile-dev libglew-dev:i386 libsdl2-dev:i386

Debian / Ubuntu - targeting 64 bits

sudo apt install build-essential git python3 libaudiofile-dev libglew-dev libsdl2-dev

Arch Linux

sudo pacman -S base-devel python audiofile sdl2 glew

Void Linux - targeting 64 bits

sudo xbps-install -S base-devel python3 audiofile-devel SDL2-devel glew-devel

Void Linux - targeting 32 bits

sudo xbps-install -S base-devel python3 audiofile-devel-32bit SDL2-devel-32bit glew-devel-32bit

3. Build the executable.

Run make to build (defaults to VERSION=us)

make VERSION=jp -j6                 # build (J) version with 6 jobs
make VERSION=us WINDOWS_BUILD=1     # builds a (U) Windows executable (under Windows, compiling for Windows under Linux is not supported)
make BETTERCAMERA=0                 # builds an executable with the original SM64 camera (no analog/mouse support)
make TARGET_RPI=1                   # targets an executable for a Raspberry Pi

On Windows

1. Set up MSYS2, following this guide.

2. Install dependencies

pacman -S mingw-w64-i686-glew mingw-w64-x86_64-glew mingw-w64-i686-SDL2 mingw-w64-x86_64-SDL2 python3

3. Copy baserom(s) for asset extraction

For each version (jp/us/eu) that you want to build an executable for, put an existing ROM at ./baserom.<version>.z64 for asset extraction.

4. On MSYS2, navigate to the sm64pc folder and then enter ./tools/audiofile-0.3.6/. Inside this directory, run

autoreconf -i

Only leave this directory on step 9.

5. Run the configure script

PATH=/mingw64/bin:/mingw32/bin:$PATH LIBS=-lstdc++ ./configure --disable-docs

6. Run the make script

PATH=/mingw64/bin:/mingw32/bin:$PATH make

7. Create a lib directory in tools/

mkdir ../lib

8. Copy the compiled libaudiofile to tools/lib/

cp libaudiofile/.libs/libaudiofile.a ../lib/
cp libaudiofile/.libs/ ../lib/

9. Navigate back to tools/, then alter the Makefile and add -lstdc++ on the following line

tabledesign_CFLAGS := -Wno-uninitialized -laudiofile -lstdc++

10. Run make

PATH=/mingw64/bin:/mingw32/bin:$PATH make

11. Navigate back to the sm64pc root directory.

12. Finally, run make once more.

(Note that mingw32 and mingw64 have been swapped. This is so you can build the 32bit application successfully.)

PATH=/mingw32/bin:/mingw64/bin:$PATH make

For the web

The game can be compiled for web browsers that support WebGL using Emscripten. To do so, install emsdk and run make TARGET_WEB=1.

Optional enhancements

On the ./enhancements folder, you'll find several .patch files, which can be applied in the following manner:

 git apply fps.patch --ignore-whitespace --reject

If any rejections occur, you can search for them with find | grep .rej. Try to solve rejections through wiggle.

wiggle rejection.rej --replace

Current issues

  • Support for the EU version is still experimental.
  • There seems to be savedata-related problems on some 64-bits builds.
  • Camera controls are also bugged for some.