Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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Super Mario 64 Enhancements

This directory contains unofficial patches to the source code that provide various features and enhancements.

To apply a patch, run tools/ [patch] where [patch] is the name of the .patch file you wish to apply. This will perform all of the patch's changes to the source code.

Likewise, to undo the changes from a patch you applied, run tools/ with the name of the .patch file you wish to undo.

To create your own enhancement patch, switch to the master Git branch, make your changes to the code (but do not commit), then run tools/ Your changes will be stored in the .patch file you specify.

The following enhancements are included in this directory:

Crash Screen - crash.patch

This enhancement provides a crash screen that is displayed when the code throws a hardware exception. This may be useful for diagnosing crashes in game code.

Debug Box - debug_box.patch

This allows you to draw 3D boxes for debugging purposes.

Call the debug_box function whenever you want to draw one. debug_box by default takes two arguments: a center and bounds vec3f. This will draw a box starting from the point (center - bounds) to (center + bounds). Use debug_box_rot to draw a box rotated in the xz-plane. If you want to draw a box by specifying min and max points, use debug_box_pos instead.

FPS Counter - fps.patch

This patch provides an in-game FPS counter to measure the frame rate.

iQue Player Support - ique_support.patch

This enhancement allows the same ROM to work on both the Nintendo 64 and the iQue Player.

Memory Expansion Pak Error Screen - mem_error_screen.patch

Use this patch if your game requires over 4 MB of memory and requires the Expansion Pak. If the Expansion Pak is not present, an error message will be shown on startup.

Demo Input Recorder - record_demo.patch

This patch allows you to record gameplay demos for the attract screen. It requires the latest nightly versions of Project64, and uses the Project64 JavaScript API to dump the demo input data from RAM and write it to a file.

Place the enhancements/RecordDemo.js file in the /Scripts/ folder in the Project64 directory.

In the Scripts window, double click on "RecordDemo" on the list on the left side.

When this is done, it should turn green which lets you know that it has started.

When your demo has been recorded, it will be dumped to the newly created /SM64_DEMOS/ folder within the Project64 directory.