Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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3 years ago
Refresh #1
Changes from initial release:
1.) More README cleanups and documentation
2.) Fix .gitignore in tools/
3.) More README cleanups and corrections
4.) oUnk190 -> oInteractionSubtype
5.) Normalize line endings
6.) Replace bank_sets.s by sequences.json + build magic
7.) Fix tabledesign in .gitignore
8.) Cleaned and documented arrays in audio/
9.) Change minimum Python 3 requirement in to 3.6
10.) Remove whitespace in ingame_menu.c, save_file.c, and star_select.c
11.) Documentation comment style fixed
12.) -> (ex:
13.) Decompile EU versions of HUD and obj behaviors
14.) Label and
15.) Add missing OS header includes
16.) Fix alignment issue in model_ids.h
17.) A bunch of behavior changes:
a.) Made styles consistent with function names (ex: BehBehaviorLoop -> beh_behavior_loop)
b.) Split obj_behaviors_2.c into multiple .inc.c files in behaviors/
c.) bhvHauntedRoomCheck -> bhvCoffinManager
18.) Update notes on WSL and add links
19.) Added and also bracing around single-line ifs and loops