My old shell scripts that have been retired from my dotfiles.
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5 years ago
#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# flashget - Download Flash videos from any hosting site.
# Usage: flashget [output directory default $HOME]
# Author: Kirsle
# This script doesn't care what your flash player is called. It just looks for
# any process that owns a /tmp/Flash####### file and copies it. It works for
# both the "old style" Netscape Flash plugin (for Firefox and Chromium) and the
# Pepper API style used in Google Chrome.
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Copy;
my $home = shift @ARGV || (defined $ENV{HOME} ? $ENV{HOME} : ".");
print "flashget - Searching for Flash videos to rip. For best results, make sure\n"
. "you FULLY BUFFER the video first in your web browser.\n\n";
my $count = 0;
# First, just do a dumb scan of everything in /proc that we have read-access to
# and look for Flash files belonging to either Chrome or the Firefox-style Flash
# plugin. Note that the Chrome Flash plugin locks us out of its file descriptors
# unless we run with root privileges.
opendir (my $proc, "/proc");
foreach my $pid (sort { $a <=> $b } (grep(/^\d+$/, readdir($proc)))) {
# Skip PID's we can't read from.
next unless -r "/proc/$pid/fd";
# Look for flash videos.
opendir (my $fd, "/proc/$pid/fd");
foreach my $id (sort(grep(!/^\./, readdir($fd)))) {
my $file = "/proc/$pid/fd/$id"; # Make it an abs path.
if (-l $file) {
my $link = readlink($file);
# Look for a Flash video link.
$link =~ s/\s*\(deleted\)//g; # Remove the " (deleted)" extensions.
if ($link =~ m{^/tmp/((?:Flash|FreshTemp).*?)$} || $link =~ m{Shockwave Flash/\.(.+?)$}) {
# Copy it.
my $dest = "$home/$1.flv";
print "Recover from PID $pid: $id -> $dest\n";
copy($file, $dest) or print "ERR: Couldn't copy to $dest: $@\n";
closedir ($proc);
print "\nRecovered $count Flash video(s).\n";
# Do a quick check for Google Chrome Flash processes that we didn't manage to
# get files from, to notify the user that they may want to re-run as root.
if ($> != 0) {
my $ps = `ps aux | grep ppapi | grep -v grep`;
if ($ps) {
print "I found a few Google Chrome Flash plugins running, but I need\n"
. "root permissions to read those files (unless you saw some files\n"
. "named like '' above). Run this script as root to get\n"
. "Flash videos out of Google Chrome.\n";
print "$ps\n";