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# Check ModemManager for pending SMS/MMS messages clogging its queue.
# Until mobile Linux natively supports MMS messages, ModemManager is
# needed along with Janky MMS ( to get
# your messages and flush the queue; if the queue gets clogged you don't
# get incoming messages anymore.
# Usage: run this in your .bashrc so it'll print in your new terminal
# session to remind you that messages are pending.
use 5.12.0;
use strict;
use warnings;
# Find modem ID
my $modem;
my $list = `mmcli -L`;
if ($list =~ m{/Modem/(\d+)}i) {
$modem = $1;
} else {
die "didn't find modem id";
my $chk = `mmcli -m $modem --messaging-list-sms`;
my @lines = split(/\n/, $chk);
if ($chk !~ /no sms messages were found/i) {
say "Notice: mmcli shows there are pending SMS messages:";
say $chk;