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# Check ModemManager for pending SMS/MMS messages clogging its queue.
# Until mobile Linux natively supports MMS messages, ModemManager is
# needed along with Janky MMS ( to get
# your messages and flush the queue; if the queue gets clogged you don't
# get incoming messages anymore.
# Usage: run this in your .bashrc so it'll print in your new terminal
# session to remind you that messages are pending.
use 5.12.0;
use strict;
use warnings;

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# Wrapper for Jenky MMS (
# Until MMS is natively supported in mobile Linux, this command
# will use jmms to read your pending MMS messages. For this to
# work the WiFi needs switched off as only the 4G LTE connection
# has authentication to read from (T-Mobile's) servers.
sudo nmcli radio wifi off
jmms --get
sudo nmcli radio wifi on