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Links and resources specifically relating to spirituality, metaphysics and the nature of existence and reality.

I started writing this page on Aug 9, 2019 after a couple years reading into lots of esoteric stuff. The page will grow as I come and backfill in links to all sorts of things I found, and the purpose of this page is to distill down the common "fundamental truths" and read between the lines of all religions and magick while providing links to examples found everywhere.

My Personal Beliefs

There's a lot of "woo-woo" linked on this page but these are just the examples to show that a lot of people, with their own varied and crazy belief systems, are actually talking about the same things and I rather go straight to their source.

  • I don't subscribe to horoscopes, chakras, crystals, psychic powers, astral projection, occult magic, angels or demons, archons or the demiurge as I have never directly experienced these things.
  • However, I believe these things are real for those who believe and reality is subjective anyway. If you believe in and wish to see angels or spirits or what have you, I believe you will start to see them. If they help you live your life and achieve your goals, more power to you.
  • Law of Attraction is real and there's an infinite number of methods to use it, from "woo-woo magick" to every self-help book and motivational speech that I've ever heard. You don't need be religious or believe in any magic to manifest reality with your thoughts.
  • I subscribe and keep tabs on all sorts of spiritual topics. You never know when a piece of wisdom will come from an unexpected source.

Common Root Phenomena

Religions and various practices all throughout the world and history have given many different names, symbols and rituals to some common root phenomena that have been experienced by different people at different times.

I'm specifically talking about Abrahamic religions (i.e. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Gnosticism) as well as Hinduism and Buddhism. Also Wicca, chaos magick and the occult in general.

Mind Is Everything

What most of these common phenomena boil down to is that "mind is everything, reality is subjective, the universe works exactly how you think it does, what happens when you die is exactly what you think will happen" and there's no objectively right answers.

A common thing you'll encounter when reading about various forms of magick is that it mostly only affects your personal reality and you won't be able to convince anybody else of any of it if they don't want to believe. But what even is "reality" anyway?

Each of us is living in our own personal reality even while we seem to interact with other people "out there" in the real world. Even if you take the stark materialist, scientific approach: you're a brain living in a dark skull that doesn't see the real world, only the electrical impulses given by your eyes and ears that your brain uses to re-construct an approximation of reality that lets you function in the world. Is your red the same as my red?

Lucid Dreaming

Other names: Astral Projection, Out of Body Experience

Lucid dreaming is the act of becoming aware that one is having a dream while in a dream. When you become lucid and you realize the dream world is entirely of your own creation, you can change it, fly through the air like Peter Pan, summon any dream character (real or fictional) you want, teleport to new surroundings, explore distant planets and fantastical environments and so on.

See "The Phase" - Leave Your Body in 3 Days for a good overview of how to lucid dream.

Astral Projection is another word for lucid dreaming. AP'ers will believe they've left their body and gone to the astral plane and it might be based on real-world locations of which they are familiar, but they fail to bring back any objective hard evidence that would convince a skeptic that Astral Projection has anything to it.


Law of Attraction

Other names: Chaos Magick, Dimensional Jumping, various occult magick disciplines (Wicca, Voodo, etc.)

The Law of Attraction is another common root phenomena that has many different names and belief systems surrounding it.

The LoA can be summarized as "like attracts like" or "put out positive thoughts and intention into the world and the world gives you positive results" and the same goes the opposite way.

Prayer and meditation are the most common ways people invoke the Law of Attraction. In the former, you're intently focused on a prayer to your favorite deity for something to unfold in your life and in the latter you may just be focused on what you want to achieve. Then you forget about it and go on the rest of your day, and what you want manifests itself in sometimes improbable ways.

Various techniques and methods are used to help you further visualize and focus your intentions:

  • Chaos magick
    • This is "non-denominational" magick. It states that all the rituals and symbols associated with magic use (candles, pentagrams, chants, etc.) are all fundamentally meaningless but they help you visualize and believe in the magick which is the root mechanism for the Law of Attraction, to be intently focused on an outcome and to put the emotional energy and intent behind it for it to manifest.
    • The Complete Psychonaut Field Manual - A Cartoon Guide to Chaos Magick offers a good introduction and overview in easily digestable webcomic format.
    • Chaos magick on Wikipedia
  • Dimension Jumping
    • Subreddits: /r/dimensionjumping and /r/dimensionaljumping - the latter is archived but has a wealth of information to search.
    • The belief system is that The Universe actually consists of a multiverse of infinite parallel realities -- every reality possible, in fact -- and a countless number of these realities have you in them. By focusing your intention and performing chaos magick-like experiments you can "jump" to alternate dimensions to manifest things you want.
    • There's no hard scientific proof of the multiverse and the methods proposed on these subreddits are similar to ones you find in other magick and LoA practices.

The Two Cups Method

To evidence the connection between Law of Attraction with various magick and quantum multiverse theories, I've seen the two cups method come up multiple times in my research.

The two cups method is basically this:

  • Think of something you want to change or manifest into your reality.
  • Get two cups and a way to label them (masking tape, sticky note, tape a slip of paper you can write on, etc.)
  • On one cup, summarize the current state you want to change as one word, for example "Debt" or "Sickness" and fill this cup with water.
  • On the other cup, summarize the desired state in the same way, for example "Wealth" or "Healthy"
  • While focusing carefully on your intention, slowly pour the water from the first cup into the second, the water helping you visualize the transition to getting what you want.
  • Drink the water from the new cup. Remove the labels and put the cups away, you're done! Don't dwell on it much more, Law of Attraction works best when you let the universe manifest it in its own way.

Links to where I've seen this under different labels:

The Unknowable God

Other names: Source, the One Consciousness, the True God, the Universe Itself, The Supreme Self, Brahman, The Father.

The most common fundamental belief at the root of all the religions I've found is the idea that the universe itself is made of consciousness. Consciousness is all that exists, and the universe wouldn't exist without it. Matter is made from consciousness. The brain does not create consciousness; consciousness creates the brain.

"We are just the universe experiencing itself." We are all God, in one way or another. What are the characteristics of God as defined by most religions? All-powerful, omniscient, omnipresent. God can't be a subject inside the universe, for that would imply the universe is greater than God. There can't be anything outside of the universe, or else God would be contained within that too.

The Unknowable God therefore is the very fabric of existence itself, the whole entire universe all at once. Not a humanoid figure that one could know. The unknowable god is the Source of all consciousness that exists, you and I and all the animals and creatures and everything is a part of this One Consciousness. In a way, God is playing that he's not God by imagining that he is each and every one of us, wearing us all like masks.

This isn't necessarily to imply the universe is solipsistic (although it very well could be). From one scale of looking at it, we are all God because God is all that could exist, but if you zoom in to our scale of living we all might as well be separate individuals with our own private perspectives.

Behind the Veil

This section of the page and onwards is not a list of things that commonly appear across a wide range of spiritual disciplines but does have enough of a recurring theme (experienced by many different people) that it warrants its own section.

IMHO, the mechanisms of what goes on "behind the veil" are probably none of our business and you can learn to enjoy "heaven on Earth" with your own outlook on life. This section details near death experiences, psychedelic trip reports and other scary things that people have commonly encountered on the other side.

The Akashic Records


The Wheel of Time

Most commonly reported by people who've consumed Salvia, many have reported encountering the "wheel of time" or the "wheel of karma," a crazy fractal wheel-like object that contains the entirety of the universe and all its possible timelines and realities.

I first heard of it from a near-death experience report on Reddit and through comments was linked to a search for "wheel" on /r/salvia where I found many trip reports and artist depictions of the wheel.


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