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This page will be my effort to migrate bookmarks out of my web browsers and onto this page. Because why should these great links be locked away in Mozilla's heavily encrypted Sync service? I can probably keep track of them better myself, and this way I won't have to worry about losing them to a browser glitch!

Also, some of these links may be helpful to others.

If you want to bookmark my bookmarks, then bookmark this page, as I may be reorganizing some of these onto sub-pages when this list gets too long.


  • Corporate Sins — Let's not forget the crimes against humanity committed by corporations.
  • Development — Resources, tutorials and interesting articles for software developers. Topics include Bash, C/C++, HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Unicode...

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Network Security




Depersonalization is a state in which you perceive yourself from a third person perspective as a character in a dream. It is hard to cure because it is literally true. Your mind is just not supposed to remember that it is the author of the dream that your self experiences. @Plinz

For me, a lot of the questions raised while experiencing DP/DR are philosophical in nature so I categorize these links as a sub-genre of Philosophy.



This topic has some overlap with my NSA category; check those links too.

Short Stories