User interface toolkit for Go with support for SDL2 and HTML Canvas render targets.
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package ui_test
import ""
// Tooltip usage example.
func ExampleTooltip() {
mw, err := ui.NewMainWindow("Tooltip Example", 800, 600)
if err != nil {
// Add a widget that will have a tooltip attached, i.e. a button.
btn := ui.NewButton("My Button", ui.NewLabel(ui.Label{
Text: "Hello world!",
mw.Place(btn, ui.Place{
Center: true,
Middle: true,
// Add a tooltip to it. The tooltip attaches itself to the button's
// MouseOver, MouseOut, Compute and Present handlers -- you don't need to
// place the tooltip inside the window or parent frame.
ui.NewTooltip(btn, ui.Tooltip{
Text: "This is a tooltip that pops up\non mouse hover!",
Edge: ui.Right,