User interface toolkit for Go with support for SDL2 and HTML Canvas render targets.
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package ui
// Checkbox combines a CheckButton with a widget like a Label.
type Checkbox struct {
button *CheckButton
child Widget
// NewCheckbox creates a new Checkbox.
func NewCheckbox(name string, boolVar *bool, child Widget) *Checkbox {
return makeCheckbox(name, boolVar, nil, "", child)
// NewRadiobox creates a new Checkbox in radio mode.
func NewRadiobox(name string, stringVar *string, value string, child Widget) *Checkbox {
return makeCheckbox(name, nil, stringVar, value, child)
// makeCheckbox constructs an appropriate type of checkbox.
func makeCheckbox(name string, boolVar *bool, stringVar *string, value string, child Widget) *Checkbox {
// Our custom checkbutton widget.
mark := NewFrame(name + "_mark")
Width: 6,
Height: 6,
w := &Checkbox{
child: child,
if boolVar != nil {
w.button = NewCheckButton(name+"_button", boolVar, mark)
} else if stringVar != nil {
w.button = NewRadioButton(name+"_button", stringVar, value, mark)
// Forward clicks on the child widget to the CheckButton.
for _, e := range []Event{MouseOver, MouseOut, MouseUp, MouseDown, Click} {
func(e Event) {
w.child.Handle(e, func(ed EventData) error {
return w.button.Event(e, ed)
w.Pack(w.button, Pack{
Side: W,
w.Pack(w.child, Pack{
Side: W,
return w
// Child returns the child widget.
func (w *Checkbox) Child() Widget {
return w.child
// Pass event handlers on to descendents.
func (w *Checkbox) Handle(e Event, fn func(EventData) error) {
w.button.Handle(e, fn)
// Supervise the checkbutton inside the widget.
func (w *Checkbox) Supervise(s *Supervisor) {