A simple audio engine for Go with an SDL2 back-end and others to come eventually.
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package audio
// Engine is a music and sound effects driver.
type Engine interface {
// Setup runs initialization tasks for the audio engine.
Setup() error
// Teardown runs closing tasks for the audio engine to shut down gracefully.
Teardown() error
// Playing returns a bool if something is actively playing.
// PlayingMusic and PlayingSound check specifically if music or sound
// effects are currently playing.
Playing() bool
PlayingMusic() bool
PlayingSound() bool
// StopAll stops all music and sound effects.
// StopMusic and StopSounds to selectively stop either the music or all
// sound effects, respectively.
// LoadMusic opens a music file from disk and loads it into memory.
// LoadMusicBin to load file by bytes in memory instead.
LoadMusic(filename string) (Playable, error)
LoadMusicBin(data []byte) (Playable, error)
// LoadSound opens a sound effect file.
// LoadSoundBin to load file by bytes in memory instead.
LoadSound(filename string) (Playable, error)
LoadSoundBin(data []byte) (Playable, error)
// Playable is a music or sound effect object that can be played and managed.
type Playable interface {
Play(loops int) error
Pause() error
Stop() error
// Destroy deallocates and frees the memory.
Destroy() error