Dockerfiles to consistently deploy Project: Doodle.
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Dockerfiles for Project: Doodle

To ensure consistent builds of Project: Doodle, these Dockerfiles will set up a clean Linux environment and run all the steps to gather assets from all the git repos and build and release the app in a consistent way.

It uses the podman command, which is compatible with docker but doesn't require elevated privileges. From a fresh Fedora environment, dnf install podman and the makefile ought to "just work" (provided all the git repositories are up and the heads are not broken). Also reading the Dockerfile can give you an idea of the end-to-end process of the build.

Run make setup to add flathub (--if-not-exists) and download the dependency layers.

make 64bit

Podman tip: podman system reset to nuke all of it, cached images and build steps, for a fresh start when testing the dockerfiles.

Fedora tip: run setenforce permissive to disable SELinux for the bind mount, or podman/docker can't copy artifacts from the Docker container up to the host.