Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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#!/usr/bin/env python3
def add_custom_arguments(parser):
group = parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group(required=False)
group.add_argument('-j', dest='lang', action='store_const', const='jp',
help="Set version to JP.")
group.add_argument('-u', dest='lang', action='store_const', const='us',
help="Set version to US.")
group.add_argument('-e', dest='lang', action='store_const', const='eu',
help="Set version to EU.")
group.add_argument('-s', dest='lang', action='store_const', const='sh',
help="Set version to SH.")
def apply(config, args):
lang = args.lang or 'us'
config['mapfile'] = f'build/{lang}/sm64.{lang}.map'
config['myimg'] = f'build/{lang}/sm64.{lang}.z64'
config['baseimg'] = f'baserom.{lang}.z64'
config['makeflags'] = [f'VERSION={lang}']
config['source_directories'] = ['src', 'include']