16 Commits (ab52a3cbf56b1c77363eac359cbf7e5e82680089)

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vanfanel ab52a3cbf5 Pass -DUSE_GLES to sdl2 GL init context instead of -DTARGET_RPI, since there are more GLES platforms out there that this engine will run on. 2 years ago
vanfanel b0404194d2 Pass the correct CFLAGs for Rpi3 and Rpi4 when both models run a system with aarch64 kernel and libs. 2 years ago
Jan200101 c540898c71
revert -O2 when non matching,fix EU compile,disable cursor in fullscreen 2 years ago
Hyenadae dba8760aad Makefile additions and part of SDL2.C Pi-GLES define 2 years ago
HengiFettlich 31bb068358 Update Makefile 2 years ago
Jan200101 e87c070517
merge PC port onto the decompile 2 years ago
n64 c45aa301bb Refresh 8 2 years ago
n64 06ec56df7f Refresh 7 2 years ago
n64 9a801cb96d refresh 6 3 years ago
n64 9273f38df1 refresh 5 3 years ago
n64 04732af90b refresh 4 3 years ago
n64 a7c423cb43 Refresh 3 3 years ago
n64 b1665cdfdb HOTFIX: Text Makefile dependency 3 years ago
n64 52e605f075 Refresh 2 3 years ago
n64 1ef98ec785 Refresh 1 3 years ago
n64 89e8690857 init2 3 years ago