31 Commits (a0ba46eaf6c08d8f892b7893b8f92911d6eb33f1)

Author SHA1 Message Date
fgsfds a0ba46eaf6 move bettercamera settings to config file; cleanup 2 years ago
vanfanel f24d44c9c7 Remove redundant code. Make GLES and GL modes respect DESIRED_WIDTH and DESIRED_HEIGHT in windowed mode, but in fullscreen mode just use the system video mode. 2 years ago
fgsfds d0b85785fe might as well check for L while we're at it 2 years ago
fgsfds 2234e28625 rebind Z trigger back to L 2 years ago
fgsfds d6820f6073 whoops, this is supposed to be the Z button 2 years ago
vanfanel 16a4495bf2 Do not call gfx_sdl_set_fullscreen() just after creating the game window: create window fullscreen or not directly. 2 years ago
fgsfds 690283da13 allow rebinding of joystick and mouse buttons 2 years ago
vanfanel fd02d88b59 Fix for GLES on windowed rendering contexts (X11) 2 years ago
fgsfds e427aaa894 make use of mouse buttons 2 years ago
vanfanel f70ebeb2b3 Use the system video mode in GLES platforms instead of setting a new one. 2 years ago
IvanDSM e3a2613328 Fix build without new camera, add example to README 2 years ago
IvanDSM 88b063d7a1 New Makefile and fgsfdsfgs fixes 2 years ago
Colton G. Rushton ad89f663f3
More fixes ported from fdsfgsfds' fork 2 years ago
Hyenadae 0413703a60 L (Trigger) is real. Keyboard only for now. 2 years ago
Hyenadae f43c06303f L (Trigger) is real. Keyboard only for now. 2 years ago
IvanDSM 3ebfc225ca Mouse Look ported to camera_rebase 2 years ago
Vinícius R. Miguel ef2cd47343 True analog camera control has been added. 2 years ago
vanfanel ab52a3cbf5 Pass -DUSE_GLES to sdl2 GL init context instead of -DTARGET_RPI, since there are more GLES platforms out there that this engine will run on. 2 years ago
HengiFettlich c4707eb36f refactor fullscreen into own static function 2 years ago
Jan200101 be340547c4
port analog camera code to the master codebase 2 years ago
Jan200101 c540898c71
revert -O2 when non matching,fix EU compile,disable cursor in fullscreen 2 years ago
HengiFettlich 848f7c352b Update gfx_sdl2.c 2 years ago
Hyenadae dba8760aad Makefile additions and part of SDL2.C Pi-GLES define 2 years ago
Vinícius R. Miguel 0c10f9eacc
Removes the cursor from view when on the game's window. 2 years ago
Vinícius R. Miguel 7e97699076
Add RPi-related optimizations. 2 years ago
HengiFettlich 1cca3ef4ea add Hotkeys for Fullscreen (ALT+Enter) 2 years ago
Jan200101 e87c070517
merge PC port onto the decompile 2 years ago