Temporary repo, the lib/render package from Doodle showing SDL2 and HTML Canvas implementations.
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package canvas
import (
// Canvas represents an HTML5 Canvas object.
type Canvas struct {
Value js.Value
ctx2d js.Value
// GetCanvas gets an HTML5 Canvas object from the DOM.
func GetCanvas(id string) Canvas {
canvasEl := js.Global().Get("document").Call("getElementById", id)
canvas2d := canvasEl.Call("getContext", "2d")
c := Canvas{
Value: canvasEl,
ctx2d: canvas2d,
canvasEl.Set("width", c.ClientW())
canvasEl.Set("height", c.ClientH())
return c
// ClientW returns the client width.
func (c Canvas) ClientW() int {
return js.Global().Get("window").Get("innerWidth").Int()
// return c.Value.Get("clientWidth").Int()
// ClientH returns the client height.
func (c Canvas) ClientH() int {
return js.Global().Get("window").Get("innerHeight").Int()
// return c.Value.Get("clientHeight").Int()