The web design and pages for my personal website.
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  1. {% extends "layout.html" %}
  2. {% block title %}Creative JavaScripts{% endblock %}
  3. {% block content %}
  4. <h1>Creative JavaScripts</h1>
  5. This page contains links to my creative JavaScript pages. This page is <b>not</b>
  6. intended to provide cut-and-paste JavaScript code for your own personal use.
  7. In many cases, the scripts here were specially programmed for my own purposes
  8. and are not easily reconfigurable to suit other needs. In other words, this page
  9. is to show off my JavaScript skills, not to provide code snippits to enable
  10. less-than-savvy Internet users the ammunition needed to clone my scripts.
  11. <h2>Text-Based RPG Game</h2>
  12. This is a classic-style text-based roleplaying game programmed entirely in
  13. JavaScript. It's known to work on Internet Explorer and Firefox. This script
  14. uses key capturing and updates the page with all of the (relevant) keys you type
  15. in. It even supports the Backspace key to delete the last character you typed.
  16. I recommend opening this in a new window so that your Backspace key won't be
  17. mistaken for the "Back" button on your browser.<p>
  18. I created this script as part of my web design course in college. The assignment
  19. was to "find or create a JavaScript to impress," and since it was obvious that
  20. all the noobs would just go to cut-and-paste JavaScript sites, the best way to
  21. come up with something totally original was to make a game out of it. And not the
  22. lame kind of game like Tetris and Tic-Tac-Toe, which get reprogrammed far too
  23. often in the JavaScript world, but a roleplaying game that requires a lot of
  24. programming and attention to detail.<p>
  25. &#0164; <a href="creativity/javascript/jsrpg.html" onClick="return openWin(this)">
  26. View this script in action</a><p>
  27. {% endblock %}
  28. {% block scripts %}
  29. <script type="text/javascript">
  30. function openWin(obj) {
  31. (obj.href);
  32. return false;
  33. }
  34. </script>
  35. {% endblock %}