The web design and pages for my personal website.
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  1. {% extends "layout.html" %}
  2. {% block title %}About Me{% endblock %}
  3. {% block content %}
  4. <h1>About Me</h1>
  5. My name is Noah and this is my website. I am a software engineer who lives in
  6. Los Angeles. My areas of expertise are primarily in Perl and Python back-end
  7. software development, however I believe I have a knack for the front end as well.<p>
  8. I built from the ground up. I made the web design in Photoshop and
  9. pieced it together using standards compliant HTML 5.0 (the spec, not the
  10. buzzword), CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. The back end is entirely written
  11. in Python.<p>
  12. The code supports a web blog, photo albums, and comments. It's also an open
  13. source project of mine that I call Rophako. You can
  14. <a href="">clone it on Github</a>.<p>
  15. Besides being a rockstar at back end development and a pretty decent web designer,
  16. I've dabbled in some 3D modeling, Flash animation and other artistic things.
  17. You can find them under the "Creativity" section on the left navigation. :)<p>
  18. Some of my personal projects are listed under the "Software" section to your
  19. left. The rest you'll find on my GitHub page and CPAN profile.
  20. {% endblock %}