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RiveScript Discussions

Links to particularly interesting RiveScript discussions.

These are mostly GitHub issues that I wanted to keep track of easily after they’re closed. I’ll slowly add to this list as I dig up more interesting topics.

Common Topics

These topics are so common that I use GitHub Issue labels to categorize them.

Unicode (UTF-8)

See also Unicode Problems on my wiki.

Async (JS)

Of the programming languages I’ve ported RiveScript to, JavaScript is the most heavily centered around asynchronous programming. As such it has a lot of discussions on GitHub and even its own wiki page there.

Performance and Scale

  • RiveScript Performance (JS)
    • @atladmin had success with 20K replies and no performance dips.
    • Discussion of getting databases involved (RiveScript won’t do that).
    • Compliments on RiveScript being high performance with no moving parts, unlike SuperScript (it depends on MongoDB and other deployment headaches).