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<h1>Privacy Policy</h1>
This page explains some of the privacy features on this website. In
my personal life I'm a privacy and security nut and run adblockers
and privacy guard add-ons in my web browsers and I respect <em>your</em>
privacy too.
Two privacy-related aspects of this site are as follows:
<li><a href="#matomo">Matomo Web Analytics</a> is an open source,
self-hosted web analytics tool that I use to understand how my
visitors navigate my site and where they're coming from. You
can safely <a href="#matomo-optout">opt out</a> and your web
browser's privacy settings are respected <em>by default</em>.
<li><a href="#comments">Comment threads</a> on my blog <em>MAY</em>
be subscribed to by email; this is an optional feature and
unsubscribing is easy.</li>
<h2 id="matomo">Matomo Web Analytics (Self-Hosted)</h2>
I'm currently using the open source analytics tool
<a href="" target="_blank">Matomo</a> to
learn about how my site is being used and where my visitors are
coming from. This tool is hosted on the same server as my blog
and is using my own database.
My Matomo installation anonymizes visitor IP addresses and respects
the <a href="" target="_blank">
Do Not Track (DNT)</a> setting in your web browser. If you use a
browser add-on such as Privacy Badger, Matomo does not track any
information about your visits, as Privacy Badger will enable the
DNT flag automatically.
<h3 id="matomo-optout">Matomo Analytics Opt-Out</h3>
style="border: 0; height: 200px; width: 600px;"
<h1 id="comments">Comments and Email Subscriptions</h1>
When you leave a comment on my blog, you may <em>optionally</em>
enter your email address as well. If so, your email address is used
for two things:
<li>If you have a <a href="" target="_blank">Gravatar</a>,
it can be displayed alongside your comment.</li>
<li>You may subscribe to get email notifications when future comments are
added to the same page you just commented on (opt-in).</li>
Your email address is not displayed to other visitors of the site and
I will not share it with others. You're also completely free to never
tell me your email address in the first place!
Also, the name and email address you most recently entered into a
comment form or Contact Me page is <strong>cached</strong> in a local
session cookie that stays with your web browser (not on the server side).
<h2>Unsubscribe from Comment Threads</h2>
To unsubscribe from individual comment threads, you may click the link
in the email notification to do so. You may also unsubscribe from
<strong>ALL</strong> comment threads site-wide by visiting the
<a href="/comments/subscription">Comment Subscription</a> page.
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