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  1. {{ define "title" }}TrueType Fonts{{ end }}
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  3. <h1>TrueType Fonts</h1>
  4. Here are the few TTF font files I've created, in the chronological order of their
  5. creation.
  6. <h2>Azulian</h2>
  7. <img src="/projects/TTF/azulian.png" width="300" height="100"><p>
  8. This is the first font I've created. The characters were based off the original
  9. design for the Azulian language set. I don't remember what program I created this
  10. font in, but it sucked and I had to actually use two different programs, because
  11. one of them wouldn't allow the final TTF file to be created. At any rate, I later
  12. abandoned this font for a new Azulian set that looks a lot less like English.<p>
  13. &#0164; <a href="/download?project=TTF&">Download Azulian.ttf</a> (ZIP; 16.8 KB)
  14. <h2>Azulian Nexus</h2>
  15. <img src="/projects/TTF/nexus.png" width="300" height="100"><p>
  16. This is the new font for the Azulian language. It was created in Macromedia
  17. Fontographer 4.<p>
  18. &#0164; <a href="/download?project=TTF&">Download Nexus.ttf</a> (ZIP; 11.4 KB)
  19. <h2>Rive</h2>
  20. <img src="/projects/TTF/rive.png" width="300" height="100"><p>
  21. The characters for this font were drawn by my friend Barry and I to use on a
  22. website that we never got around to creating.<p>
  23. &#0164; <a href="/download?project=TTF&">Download Rive.ttf</a> (ZIP; 13.7 KB)
  24. <h2>Lorelei</h2>
  25. <img src="/projects/TTF/lorelei.png" width="300" height="100"><p>
  26. I created this font in Fontographer while developing some ideas for this story
  27. about Lorei, the Nightmare Realm. I felt like creating a new non-English language
  28. for it, and this font resulted from it. I think this font has considerably less
  29. letters than are in the English alphabet and I did that on purpose.<p>
  30. &#0164; <a href="/download?project=TTF&">Download Lorelei.ttf</a> (ZIP; 7.66 KB)
  31. {{ end }}