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<a href="" title="Tearing Me Up">Bos Moses</a>
<a href="" title="Tearing Me Up">Bob Moses</a>
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<a href="" title="Sweatpants">Childish Gambino</a>

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# Poetry
I may eventually start writing some more, but for now there's just some old
stuff I fished out of my backups.
* 2002: [Trip to Dracula's Castle](/poetry/trip-to-draculas-castle)

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# Trip to Dracula's Castle
> _&copy; 2003 Noah Petherbridge_ ‒ May 19, 2002
> I wrote this poem after waking up from a dream, in which a poem _very similar_
> to this one was being read by a narrator, as if in a movie. The dream was making
> up the lyrics to an insanely creative poem off the top of its head, and this was
> my attempt to write it down.
On a trip to old Drac’s castle,<br>
My team’s struck with grief and hassle.<br>
It was late in the months of fall,<br>
It seemed like the coldest month of all.
As we neared the castle, we saw in a tree,<br>
Several black bats, about twenty-three.<br>
A strong icy wind blew just now,<br>
And the cold hit us just like a plow.
The bats dropped from the tree in a blur of black,<br>
My team was frightened and stepped quickly back.<br>
As I started to run, I heard a scream so high,<br>
And as I looked back, I saw a man so nigh.
Lying down by the gate was a smelly old bum,<br>
He is just awakening, and he smells like rum.<br>
He was screaming for help, I couldn’t refuse,<br>
I slowly approached him, he fell to my shoes.
He picked himself up, still screaming for help,<br>
He was so unclear, it was a pitiful whelp.<br>
With a deafening scream, something emerged from the castle,<br>
It was the spirit of Prince Vlad, and his image struck hassle.
The bum and I, we commenced to flee,<br>
And Vlad looked angry, staring at me.<br>
I told the bum to continue on his own,<br>
And I turned around, and faced Vlad alone.
Vlad’s eyes were beet red, and badly bloodshot,<br>
He was building with fury, and quickly getting hot.<br>
I knew I should run, but I was curious to see more,<br>
Until Vlad left the castle, slamming the door.
At that point I paused, then I started to run,<br>
If I had stayed here, it wouldn’t be fun.<br>
I turned away, then hurried down the path,<br>
Such an evil nature that Prince Vlad hath.
Quickly enough, he was out of my sight,<br>
I was running so fast, I could’ve took flight.<br>
But I survived okay, and filled with hassle...<br>
And that was my trip to Dracula’s Castle.

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<em>David is the best.</em>
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* [Architecture for a Golang Web App](
* [Structuring Applications in Go](
* [The Project Directory Structure](
* [How I write Go services after seven years](
* Makefiles
* [Make and Go for Fun and Profit](
* Interoperability