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# Built with RiveScript
This is a collection of known projects that are built on top of RiveScript.
* [I.R.I.S. (IRIS Really Is Smart)]( - a Java bot built on RiveScript-Java.
* JARVIS - Python home automation bot
* GitHub: <>
* G+ Group "JARVIS in the making": <>
* [Tinman]( - an open source RiveScript brain
* [Domogik]( - Home automation software that includes RiveScript in its [butler plugin](
* Website: <> (French language)
* [Vixia]( - a French language chatbot hosting site that uses RiveScript.
* Uses a custom PHP implementation of RiveScript ([source]( - appears to be pretty simplistic at time of writing, and doesn't appear to be based off any existing source code of other RiveScript implementations.
* [Sidekick]( - "Get your very own Sidekick!" - A multi-network bot powered by Botkit and RiveScript, with support for Twitter and Slack.
Other RiveScript-related links that I need to find a home for on the official website somewhere:
* Syntax highlight plugins:
* [Atom-RiveScript]( -- by me.
* [SublimeText](
* [vim syntax]( -- by me. Really basic highlighting.