The web design and pages for my personal website.
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# Main Page
Welcome to the Wiki!
This mostly just serves as a place for me to quickly write down random ideas and make quick pages that I can edit from my website's front-end. It's like the GitHub Wikis, except it's hosted on my own server and I wrote the code for it myself. ;)
See [the index](/wiki/_pages) for the list of all available pages in this wiki.
# Technical How-To's
* [Python cocos2d Installation](/wiki/Python-cocos2d-Installation)
* [Fedora on Macbook](/wiki/Fedora-on-Macbook)
* [nginx configs](/wiki/nginx-configs)
# Ideas and Notes
* [Minecraft Clone](/wiki/Minecraft-Clone)
* [Minecraft vs Terraria Account Models](/wiki/Minecraft-vs-Terraria-Account-Models)
* [Things Learned with jQuery Mobile](/wiki/Things-Learned-with-jQuery-Mobile)
* [Built with RiveScript](/wiki/Built-with-RiveScript) - Collection of known RiveScript projects
* [Protocol Buffers Protocol](/wiki/Protocol-Buffers-Protocol)
* [Optimize RiveScript](/wiki/Optimize-RiveScript) - So it can support Alice-sized brains
# Personal Reference
4 years ago
* [Bookmarks](/wiki/Bookmarks) - Pages I found interesting
* [Publishing RiveScript Modules](/wiki/Publishing-RiveScript-Modules)