My Unix config files and shell scripts, optimized for Fedora, Debian, macOS and Windows (in that order).
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Noah Petherbridge fb3edc9445 Add mt-link-stuff script 7 years ago
.config Rename virtualenvs path 7 years ago
.ssh Mitigate against OpenSSH vulnerability 7 years ago
.vim Add nginx syntax highlight to vim 7 years ago
bin Add mt-link-stuff script 7 years ago
.bashrc Make OS X `ls` color scheme similar to Linux 7 years ago
.editorconfig Add backup-check script to detect bit rot 7 years ago
.gitconfig Git version fixes 8 years ago
.tmux.conf Add tmux config 7 years ago
.vimrc Add modeline setting to vimrc 7 years ago
.zshrc Remove zsh-autosuggestions; it's unstable 7 years ago