A rendering engine library for Go supporting both SDL2 and WebAssembly (HTML Canvas) targets.
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package render
import (
// Engine is the interface for the rendering engine, keeping SDL-specific stuff
// far away from the core of Doodle.
type Engine interface {
Setup() error
// Poll for events like keypresses and mouse clicks.
Poll() (*event.State, error)
GetTicks() uint32
WindowSize() (w, h int)
// Present presents the current state to the screen.
Present() error
// Clear the full canvas and set this color.
DrawPoint(Color, Point)
DrawLine(Color, Point, Point)
DrawRect(Color, Rect)
DrawBox(Color, Rect)
DrawText(Text, Point) error
ComputeTextRect(Text) (Rect, error)
// Texture caching.
StoreTexture(name string, img image.Image) (Texturer, error)
LoadTexture(name string) (Texturer, error)
Copy(t Texturer, src, dst Rect)
// Teardown and free memory for all textures, returning the number
// of textures that were freed.
FreeTextures() int
// Delay for a moment using the render engine's delay method,
// implemented by sdl.Delay(uint32)
// Tasks that the Setup function should defer until tear-down.
Loop() error // maybe?
// Texturer is a stored image texture used by the rendering engine while
// abstracting away its inner workings.
type Texturer interface {
Size() Rect
Image() image.Image
Free() error // teardown and free memory