Yet another Go logging library for user-friendly applications, with colors!
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package log
import "io"
// Config stores settings that control the logger's behavior.
type Config struct {
// Level is one of DebugLevel, InfoLevel, WarnLevel, ErrorLevel or FatalLevel.
// Messages emitted by the logger must be 'at least' this level to be logged.
Level logLevel
// What colors are supported? Default is NoColor. Use ANSIColor to support
// legacy terminal emulators, or ExtendedColor for modern 256-color support.
Colors colorLevel
// Which color theme are you using? The default is DarkTheme.
Theme Theme
// Where to write the log messages to? If not defined with a custom io.Writer,
// the default goes to standard output for Debug and Info messages and
// standard error for warnings, errors, and fatal messages.
Writer *io.Writer
// How do you want to format your log lines? This should be a Go text format
// string, with the following variable placeholders:
// {{.Time}} inserts the date/time stamp for the log message.
// {{.Level}} inserts a label for the log level, e.g. "INFO" or "WARN"
// {{.Message}} inserts the text of the log message itself.
// {{.Primary}} inserts the color sequence for the primary color based
// on the log level for the message.
// {{.Secondary}} inserts the color sequence for the secondary color.
// {{.Reset}} inserts the 'reset' color sequence to stop coloring
// the rest of the text that follows.
// The default log format is as follows:
// {{.Secondary}}{{.Time}}{{.Reset}} {{.Primary}}[{{.Level}}]{{.Reset}} {{.Message}}
Format string
// How do you want to format your time stamps? (The `{{.Time}}`). This uses
// the Go `time` module, so the TimeFormat should use their reference date/time.
// The default TimeFormat is: `2006-01-02 15:04:05`
TimeFormat string
// DefaultConfig returns a Config with the default values filled in.
func DefaultConfig() *Config {
return &Config{
Theme: DarkTheme,
Format: DefaultFormat,
TimeFormat: DefaultTime,
// Configure applies the configuration to the logger. If any of the following
// keys are not defined (or have zero-values), the default value for the key will
// be used instead:
// Format
// TimeFormat
func (l *Logger) Configure(cfg *Config) {
// Important keys and their defaults.
if cfg.Format == "" {
cfg.Format = DefaultFormat
if cfg.TimeFormat == "" {
cfg.TimeFormat = DefaultTime
l.Config = cfg
l.template = nil