A Python content management system designed for kirsle.net featuring a blog, comments and photo albums. https://rophako.kirsle.net/
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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""WSGI runner script for the Rophako CMS."""
import sys
import os
# Add the CWD to the path.
# Use the 'rophako' virtualenv.
activate_this = os.environ['HOME']+'/.virtualenv/rophako/bin/activate_this.py'
execfile(activate_this, dict(__file__=activate_this))
def application(environ, start_response):
if "ROPHAKO_SETTINGS" in environ:
os.environ["ROPHAKO_SETTINGS"] = environ["ROPHAKO_SETTINGS"]
from rophako.app import app as _application
return _application(environ, start_response)
# vim:ft=python