Also allow blog fid's to remove double dashes

Noah 7 years ago
parent 3eb8e74e54
commit 753b84cdf1
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@ -103,10 +103,17 @@ def entry(fid):
# or end, and remove them and see if we have a match. This allows for
# fixing blog fid's that allowed leading/trailing dashes and having the
# old URL just redirect to the new one.
post_id = Blog.resolve_id(fid.strip("-"), drafts=True)
fid = fid.strip("-")
post_id = Blog.resolve_id(fid, drafts=True)
# If still nothing, try consolidating extra dashes into one.
if not post_id:
fid = re.sub(r'-+', '-', fid)
post_id = Blog.resolve_id(fid, drafts=True)
# Did we find one now?
if post_id:
# Got one! Redirect to it.
return redirect(url_for(".entry", fid=fid.strip("-")))
return redirect(url_for(".entry", fid=fid))
flash("That blog post wasn't found.")
return redirect(url_for(".index"))