Add support for X-Forwarded-For

Noah 8 years ago
parent dcba91c0c1
commit 2015530338
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@ -73,6 +73,13 @@ rophako:
# Password strength: number of iterations for bcrypt password.
bcrypt_iterations: 12
# Proxy support. If you *KNOW* your web app will be behind a trusted proxy,
# such as a load balancer, you can make the app accept the X-Forwarded-For
# header to provide the user's real IP address. Do NOT set this if you are
# not behind a proxy, otherwise a malicious user could "spoof" their address
# by using this header.
use_forwarded_for: false
# Mail Settings

@ -286,10 +286,10 @@ def include(endpoint, *args, **kwargs):
def remote_addr():
"""Retrieve the end user's remote IP address."""
# TODO: eventually support configurations with X-Forwarded-For, but for
# now at least we're centralizing this in one spot.
"""Retrieve the end user's remote IP address. If the site is configured
to honor X-Forwarded-For and this header is present, it's returned."""
return request.access_route[0]
return request.remote_addr