A web blog and personal homepage engine written in Go.
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package models
import (
// User account for the site.
type User struct {
Username string `json:"username" gorm:"unique_index"`
HashedPassword string `json:"-"`
IsAdmin bool `json:"isAdmin" gorm:"index"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Email string `json:"email" gorm:"index"`
// Validate the User object has everything filled in. Fixes what it can,
// returns an error if something is wrong. Ensures the HashedPassword is hashed.
func (u *User) Validate() error {
u.Username = strings.TrimSpace(strings.ToLower(u.Username))
u.Name = strings.TrimSpace(strings.ToLower(u.Name))
// Defaults
if len(u.Name) == 0 {
u.Name = u.Username
if len(u.Username) == 0 {
return errors.New("username is required")
return nil
// SetPassword stores the hashed password for a user.
func (u *User) SetPassword(password string) error {
hash, err := bcrypt.GenerateFromPassword([]byte(password), constants.BcryptCost)
if err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("SetPassword: %s", err)
u.HashedPassword = string(hash)
fmt.Printf("Set hashed password: %s", u.HashedPassword)
return nil
// FirstAdmin returns the admin user with the lowest ID number.
func FirstAdmin() (User, error) {
var user User
r := DB.First(&user, "is_admin", true)
return user, r.Error
// CreateUser adds a new user to the database.
func CreateUser(u User) error {
if err := u.Validate(); err != nil {
return err
r := DB.Create(&u)
return r.Error