A web blog and personal homepage engine written in Go.
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package models
import "net/http"
type askMan struct{}
// Questions is a singleton manager class for Question model access.
var Questions = askMan{}
// Question model.
type Question struct {
Name string
Question string
Answered bool
PostID int // FKey Post.id
// Relationships.
Post Post
// New creates a new Question model.
func (m askMan) New() Question {
return Question{}
// Load a comment by ID.
func (m askMan) Load(id int) (Question, error) {
var q Question
r := DB.Preload("Post").First(&q, id)
return q, r.Error
// Pending returns questions in need of answering.
func (m askMan) Pending() ([]Question, error) {
var q []Question
r := DB.Preload("Post").Where("answered=false").Find(&q)
return q, r.Error
// RecentlyAnswered returns questions that have blog posts attached.
func (m askMan) RecentlyAnswered(depth int) ([]Question, error) {
var qq []Question
r := DB.Preload("Post").
Where("answered=true AND post_id IS NOT NULL").
Order("created_at desc").
return qq, r.Error
// Save the question.
func (q Question) Save() error {
if DB.NewRecord(q) {
return DB.Create(&q).Error
return DB.Save(&q).Error
// Delete the question.
func (q Question) Delete() error {
return DB.Delete(&q).Error
// ParseForm sets the question's attributes from HTTP form.
func (q *Question) ParseForm(r *http.Request) {
q.Name = r.FormValue("name")
q.Question = r.FormValue("question")