Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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#include "types.h"
struct SurfaceNode
struct SurfaceNode *next;
struct Surface *surface;
typedef struct SurfaceNode SpatialPartitionCell[3];
// Needed for bs bss reordering memes.
extern s32 unused8038BE90;
extern SpatialPartitionCell gStaticSurfacePartition[16][16];
extern SpatialPartitionCell gDynamicSurfacePartition[16][16];
extern struct SurfaceNode *sSurfaceNodePool;
extern struct Surface *sSurfacePool;
extern s16 sSurfacePoolSize;
void alloc_surface_pools(void);
#ifndef TARGET_N64
u32 get_area_terrain_size(s16 *data);
void load_area_terrain(s16 index, s16 *data, s8 *surfaceRooms, s16 *macroObjects);
void clear_dynamic_surfaces(void);
void load_object_collision_model(void);