Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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#include "types.h"
// Sequence arguments, passed to play_sequence. seqId may be bit-OR'ed with
// SEQ_VARIATION; this will load the same sequence, but set a variation
// bit which may be read by the sequence script.
#define SEQUENCE_ARGS(priority, seqId) ((priority << 8) | seqId)
#define SEQ_PLAYER_ENV 1
#define SEQ_PLAYER_SFX 2
extern s32 gAudioErrorFlags;
extern f32 gDefaultSoundArgs[3];
extern u8 gAudioSPTaskYieldBuffer[]; // ucode yield data ptr; only used in JP
struct SPTask *create_next_audio_frame_task(void);
void play_sound(s32 soundBits, f32 *pos);
void audio_signal_game_loop_tick(void);
void sequence_player_fade_out(u8 player, u16 fadeTimer);
void fade_volume_scale(u8 player, u8 targetScale, u16 fadeTimer);
void func_8031FFB4(u8 player, u16 fadeTimer, u8 arg2);
void sequence_player_unlower(u8 player, u16 fadeTimer);
void set_sound_disabled(u8 disabled);
void sound_init(void);
void func_803205E8(u32 soundBits, f32 *vec);
void func_803206F8(f32 *arg0);
void func_80320890(void);
void sound_banks_disable(u8 player, u16 bankMask);
void sound_banks_enable(u8 player, u16 bankMask);
void func_80320A4C(u8 bankIndex, u8 arg1);
void play_dialog_sound(u8 dialogID);
void play_music(u8 player, u16 seqArgs, u16 fadeTimer);
void stop_background_music(u16 seqId);
void fadeout_background_music(u16 arg0, u16 fadeOut);
void drop_queued_background_music(void);
u16 get_current_background_music(void);
void play_secondary_music(u8 seqId, u8 bgMusicVolume, u8 volume, u16 fadeTimer);
void func_80321080(u16 fadeTimer);
void func_803210D4(u16 fadeOutTime);
void play_course_clear(void);
void play_peachs_jingle(void);
void play_puzzle_jingle(void);
void play_star_fanfare(void);
void play_power_star_jingle(u8 arg0);
void play_race_fanfare(void);
void play_toads_jingle(void);
void sound_reset(u8 arg0);
void audio_set_sound_mode(u8 arg0);
void audio_init(void); // in load.c
struct SPTask *unused_80321460();
#endif /* AUDIO_EXTERNAL_H */