Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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#ifndef GROUP8_H
#define GROUP8_H
#include "types.h"
// capswitch
extern const GeoLayout cap_switch_geo[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05002D88[];
extern const Gfx cap_switch_exclamation_seg5_dl_05002E00[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05003020[];
extern const Gfx cap_switch_base_seg5_dl_05003120[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05003280[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05003350[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05003370[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_05003390[];
extern const Gfx capswitch_seg5_dl_050033B0[];
extern const s16 capswitch_collision_050033D0[];
extern const s16 capswitch_collision_05003448[];
// springboard
extern const GeoLayout springboard_top_geo[];
extern const GeoLayout springboard_spring_geo[];
extern const GeoLayout springboard_bottom_geo[];
extern const Gfx springboard_checkerboard_seg5_dl_050016B8[];
extern const Gfx springboard_spring_seg5_dl_05001800[];
extern const Gfx springboard_checkerboard_seg5_dl_05001900[];
extern const s16 springboard_collision_05001A28[];