Super Mario 64 OpenGL port for PC. Mirror of
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3 years ago
# sm64pc
OpenGL adaptation of [n64decomp/sm64](
4 years ago
3 years ago
Feel free to report bugs and contribute, but remember, there must be **no upload of any copyrighted asset**.
3 years ago
Run `./ --clean && make clean` or `make distclean` to remove ROM-originated content. This port has been made possible thanks to [n64-fast32-engine]( by [Emill](
3 years ago
## Features
* Native rendering. You can now play SM64 without the need of an emulator.
* Variable aspect ratio and resolution. The game can now correctly render at basically any window size.
* Native xinput controller support. On Linux, DualShock 4 has been confirmed to work plug-and-play.
* Analog camera control and mouse look. (Activate with `make BETTERCAMERA=1`.)
3 years ago
## Building
3 years ago
For building instructions, please refer to the [wiki](
3 years ago
Windows users: do not attempt to compile with `WINDOWS_BUILD=1` under WSL. It will NOT work. Follow the guide on the wiki.