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Breath of the Wild Challenge Run

After sinking 290+ hours into Zelda: Breath of the Wild, completing play-throughs on Normal Mode and Master Mode to 100% completion (minus Korok seeds & armor upgrades)... I decided to play a new Normal Mode game but with added restrictions:


All of the above rules are enforced until you get all 120 shrines. After that you can go wild: get all the heart containers, activate all the towers, etc.

  • No activating any towers
    • I’m finding that it makes me learn the landscape better. I know generally where things are, but sometimes can’t find them, and discover new things. For example, this is my third play-through and only this time did I discover the Ancient Tree while I was searching for the Sage Temple ruins.
  • Only 3 hearts and 1 stamina wheel
    • This will give a lot more value to Hearty meals in-game. When I have a lot of base hearts, I found myself making a ton of simple “full heal” meals by just cooking a single Hearty Truffle.
    • You can temporarily get up to 13 hearts to get the Master Sword, but then immediately return the 10 hearts to the evil statue in Hateno Village.
  • No fast travel except to Travel Medallion or Shrine of Resurrection
  • Catch your own horse.
    • Don’t use Epona. You can spawn her and immediately board her.
  • Don’t recolor any clothing until you fully upgrade it.