The web design and pages for my personal website.
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  1. {{ define "title" }}Welcome!{{ end }}
  2. {{ define "content" }}
  3. <h1>Welcome to <em>!</em></h1>
  4. This is the personal homepage of <a href="/about">Noah Petherbridge</a>, and
  5. it's where I keep my web blog and various creative projects.<p>
  6. I blog about anything I find interesting, and since I have a lot of varied
  7. interests, my blog entries are kind of <em>all over the place.</em> You can
  8. browse <a href="/tagged">my tags</a> to sort them by topic and
  9. see which ones I frequently write about, or the <a href="/archive">archive</a>
  10. has a complete history of my posts, dating back to 2008!<p>
  11. Besides my blog, I have pages for my creative projects, which are linked to on
  12. the <a href="#navbar">navigation bar</a>.<p>
  13. I write a lot about <a href="/tagged/Linux">Linux</a> and <a href="/tagged/Android">Android</a>,
  14. <a href="/tagged/Minecraft">Minecraft</a>,
  15. and I like to
  16. <a href="/tagged/Rant">rant</a> about stuff. Generally anything that
  17. makes me <a href="/tagged/Curiosity">curious</a>.<p>
  18. For the geeks: this website respects your privacy and doesn't run any third
  19. party ads or analytics. This site speaks HTTP and doesn't require any JavaScript
  20. to work.
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  22. {{ end }}