The web design and pages for my personal website.
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8 years ago
<h1>About Me</h1>
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<img src="/static/photos/ff7ec4f5.jpg" class="img-responsive portrait" alt="Kirsle"><p>
<img src="/static/icons/aim.gif" width="16" height="15" alt="AIM">
<a href="aim:goim?ScreenName=Kirsle">Kirsle</a><br>
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&#0164; <a href="/contact">Send me an e-mail</a>
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<h2>Hello world!</h2>
My name is <strong>Noah</strong> and this is my website. I am a 29-year-old software
engineer who lives in Los Angeles. My areas of expertise are primarily in Perl and
Python back-end software development, however I believe I have a knack for the front
end as well.<p>
I built from the ground up. Its back-end code has been rewritten a
dozen different times, in two different languages. I made the web design in Photoshop and
pieced it together using standards compliant HTML 5 (the spec, not the
buzzword), CSS and a little bit of JavaScript. The back end is entirely written
in Python. The previous version of was written in Perl and ran on my
"PerlSiikir" CMS. I rewrote it in Python
<a href="/blog/entry/goodbye-perlsiikir">for various reasons</a>, and I like Python
more these days anyway. <img src="/static/smileys/tango/wink.png" alt=";)"><p>
Besides being a rockstar at back end development and a pretty decent web designer,
I've dabbled in some 3D modeling, Flash animation and other artistic things.
You can find them under the "Creativity" section on the left navigation. :)<p>
Some of my personal projects are listed under the "Software" section to your
left. The rest you'll find on my
<a href="">GitHub page</a> and
<a href="">CPAN profile</a>.
Where did I come up with the name Kirsle? Long-ish story, but here's the cliffnotes:
<li>In 1997 when the Internet was still brand new, They didn't want us
using our real names online so I always went by one screen name or
<li>The game <em>NiGHTS: Into Dreams...</em> for the Sega Saturn had an
enemy on some levels named Kircle, and I liked the name but I read
it as though the "C" were pronounced like an "S". Nonetheless, it
became my screen name.</li>
<li>People often pronounced it with a hard "C". The last straw was when
I discovered that Text-to-Speech software also pronounced it this way.</li>
<li>I re-spelled it as Kirsle so it was spelled how I wanted it to be
<li>In doing so, I created the most unique name ever. All of the Google
search results for Kirsle are about me!</li>
Later on I turned Kirsle into a full Internet alias/fake name of
Casey Kirsle, which I used as my name for several years online (some of
my older Perl modules on CPAN are signed by this name). <em>That</em> was
mostly because I like the name Casey, and Kirsle could plausibly sound like
a last name. <img src="/static/smileys/tango/wink.png" alt=";)"><p>
<h2> is Open Source</h2>
The Python code that powers is an open source project of mine named
<a href="">Rophako</a>. It means "Website" in
<a href="/wizards/translator.html">Azulian</a>. The Rophako CMS is open source
software that I released under the GNU General Public License and you can
<a href="">clone it on GitHub</a>. The HTML
files for are <a href="">also
on GitHub</a>, but those probably aren't very interesting to you.<p>
The CMS supports a web blog, photo albums, comments, and subscriptions to comments
(so that your guests can watch a comment thread for future posts by others). I'm
always improving it and adding new features.
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