Experimenting with docker-compose.
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# Cloud
This repo is an experiment playing with `docker-compose` to configure a
reproduceable web service cluster.
It spins up containers for:
* My web blog, a Go program at [github.com/kirsle/blog](https://github.com/kirsle/blog)
* A Redis cache for the blog.
* [Gitea](https://gitea.io), a Git web service.
* PostgreSQL database for Gitea to store its data.
* An nginx web proxy in front of all of these, exposing domains
`blog.kirsle.lh` and `git.kirsle.lh` (localhost-only domains, for testing,
with a self-signed SSL certificate in the `ssl/` folder).
Install `docker` and `docker-compose` and `systemctl enable docker.service` and
all that good stuff, and then:
$ docker-compose up
Put `blog.kirsle.lh` and `git.kirsle.lh` in your `/etc/hosts` and visit them.