Yet another Go logging library for user-friendly applications, with colors!
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package log
import ""
// Theme defines the color scheme for a logger. Each log level has two colors:
// a primary (for the label itself) and a secondary color. For example, if your
// log lines include a date/time this could be colored using the secondary
// color.
type Theme struct {
Debug ThemeColor
DebugSecondary ThemeColor
Info ThemeColor
InfoSecondary ThemeColor
Warn ThemeColor
WarnSecondary ThemeColor
Error ThemeColor
ErrorSecondary ThemeColor
// ThemeColor defines a color tuple for ANSI (legacy) support and modern
// 256-color support.
type ThemeColor struct {
ANSI string
Extended string
// DarkTheme is a suitable default theme for dark terminal backgrounds.
var DarkTheme = Theme{
Debug: ThemeColor{ansi.BrightCyan, HexColor("#FF99FF")},
DebugSecondary: ThemeColor{ansi.Cyan, HexColor("#996699")},
Info: ThemeColor{ansi.BrightGreen, HexColor("#0099FF")},
InfoSecondary: ThemeColor{ansi.Green, HexColor("#006699")},
Warn: ThemeColor{ansi.BrightYellow, HexColor("#FF9900")},
WarnSecondary: ThemeColor{ansi.Yellow, HexColor("#996600")},
Error: ThemeColor{ansi.BrightRed, HexColor("#FF0000")},
ErrorSecondary: ThemeColor{ansi.Red, HexColor("#CC0000")},