A simple audio engine for Go with an SDL2 back-end and others to come eventually.
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  1. # Example: `play`
  2. This example uses the SDL2 Mixer engine to implement a _simple_ command line
  3. program that plays music and sound files.
  4. ## Usage
  5. ```
  6. play [options] path/to/file.ogg
  7. ```
  8. Supports file types `.ogg`, `.mp3` and `.wav`.
  9. Default behavior calls LoadSound() or LoadMusic() using the filename given.
  10. Use the `-binary` option to go through LoadSoundBin() or LoadMusicBin() to
  11. test initializing it by bytes array instead.
  12. ### Options
  13. ```
  14. -binary
  15. Opens the file first as a bytes array, and feeds it to the audio engine
  16. as binary data instead of by passing a filename on disk.
  17. -loop <int>
  18. Loop the audio file, default 0 will only play it once. -1 for music will
  19. play forever.
  20. ```