A Python content management system designed for kirsle.net featuring a blog, comments and photo albums. https://rophako.kirsle.net/
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# Sample config file for Rophako.
# Edit this file and save the copy as "config.py".
import os
_basedir = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
DEBUG = True
# Unique name of your site, e.g. "kirsle.net"
SITE_NAME = "example.com"
# Secret key used for session cookie signing. Make this long and hard to guess.
# Tips for creating a strong secret key:
# $ python
# >>> import os
# >>> os.urandom(24)
# '\xfd{H\xe5<\x95\xf9\xe3\x96.5\xd1\x01O<!\xd5\xa2\xa0\x9fR"\xa1\xa8'
# Then take that whole quoted string and paste it right in as the secret key!
# Do NOT use that one. It was just an example! Make your own.
SECRET_KEY = 'for the love of Arceus, change this key!'
# Password strength: number of iterations for bcrypt to hash passwords.
# Rophako uses a flat file JSON database system, and the Redis caching server
# sits between Ropahko and the filesystem.
DB_ROOT = "db"
REDIS_HOST = "localhost"
REDIS_PREFIX = "rophako:"